Gmail Blackout

February 24 was a black Tuesday for Gmail addicts. The panic that Gmail was down spread everywhere from IRC to Twitter back and forth.

Some of Gmail users were so desperate that you could feel their desperation from tearfull words on the computer screen.

One of them was even convinced that Google went down intentionally for him to ruin his life:


Twitter was also pumping messages with “Gmail own” in every 3 words.


This Gmail blackout demonstrates how we are all dependent on one service provider.

Some tips how to prevent future downs of Gmail.

  1. Have an alternate email account where you can forward emails to. You can set up to forward your emails automatically and even if the front-end doesn’t work there is a chance that some services are still functioning.
  2. Do not use Gmail for business. If you have a website, you must have your own domain email address. You can forward emails, but the opposite way: from to


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