How to bypass regional restrictions and watch videos from outside US

Some video services like ABC,, Disney and others put a region restriction so residents from outside US can’t watch video from these sites. What those sites do is a protection called IP location checking. If it sees that your IP is from other country than US it says: “no you can’t watch that”. One of the reason for such a restriction is that advertisers for those video services doesn’t want to pay for ads to be seen by someone from let’s say Nigeria. And common visitors see windows like this:


There is one easy way to bypass these regional restrictions. You have to use a proxy which gives you IP that is located in US territory. Try to search Google for something like “free proxy usa” and you’ll find some proxy lists for this trick. Remember that proxies are on a constant change, so if one stops working then search for another.

Here is quick 3 proxies if you want to see instant results and don’t want to search.


These proxies works at the time of writing this post but if they don’t, try to search for other.

So you have a proxy with US IP. One last step is to configure your browser to use this proxy.
For Internet Explorer (IE) follow this:

  1. Press Tools -> Internet options -> Connections -> Settings
  2. In the proxy server area input Proxy addres and port number ( for Address is and port is 80 )

For Firefox (FF) use the following metod:

  1. Press Tools -> Options -> Advanced-Network
  2. Click Setting and choose manual proxy configuration. Then enter proxy details and port number like in the previous example
  3. Click ok and you’re done


By changing proxy you will be able to watch most of the US websites video services.

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