How to delete empty page in word 2007 after table

So you have a word document that has a blank page after table on the previous page. If you place your cursor on that page and press backspace several times but nothing happens it means you have a paragraph mark inserted after table which lies on the bottom paragraph preventing you from deleting that page.

To see whether an empty page has paragraph mark activate pilcrow menu (see below)


Paragraph mark looks like this


Select this paragraph mark (it should be highlighted) and start reducing font size from let’s say 11pt to 1pt. This trick makes paragraph mark smaller on the empty page and by some point it should jump back on the previous page under the table. When this happens empty page in word 2007 disappears

If this doesn’t help try one more trick. Select paragraph mark like previously and right click select paragraph properties. Indentation and spacing should be set to 0pt


Write in the comments if this helped you to delete the annoying empty page in word document.

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