Autosave Word 2007 Location

Writing important essay or other text and want to autosave? Word 2007 has this feature. Unfortunately default autosave time is set to 10 minutes. It could be not enough for some people so it’s better to increase autosave frequency.

  • Open new Word 2007 document and go to STart->Word Options


  • Go to save tab and here you should see the field to input desired time in which Word2007 would auto save your opened documents.

In  this window you can also change autosave folder location to desktop. It would be easier to find instantly the recovered document.

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One Response to “Autosave Word 2007 Location”

  1. That feature is not autosave. It states clearly that it is “autorecover” – which means only that, if you’re typing and your computer or Word crashes, you MIGHT have a recent copy of that entire text open when you relaunch Word the next time. But don’t be fooled into thinking you are saving your document every X minutes. There is no way currently to do this in Word (for Windows or Mac) without third-party software.