PC Power Button Not Working (Start Long Delay)

September 30th, 2014 admin Posted in Computers, Hardware Comments Off on PC Power Button Not Working (Start Long Delay)

Does your PC turns on only after some time you press Power Button ON? Mine started to do just that and I was searching for the problem for this behavior.

Sometimes computer seems to start on its own without pressing power button. Like a delayed start. Sometimes it seems to work again fine.

Broken PC power button

Broken PC power button

At first I thought that power button was not working and broken and didn’t make good contact inside. I disassembled it and found that indeed printed circuit board was broken in half (probably when I tried to press it harder when no start condition began).

I replaced it with the new DIY button and it seemed at first the problem was solved, however it reappeared the next day.

Then I realized  that computer only starts with delay first time in the morning when I plug it back in the mains socket. (Yes, call me paranoid, but I disconnect power cord from all equipment every night when I shut down computer.) Read the rest of this entry »