How To Find Titanic Location On Google Earth 5?

Titanic in Google Earth

Titanic in Google Earth

This is weird. I tried to search for Titanic in Google Earth 5 but nothing found except some unrelated cities:Titanic, Pollard, Clay, AR 72456, Titanic, Harvey, Jefferson, LA 70058 and few more. But where is the real Titanic? Quite funny, the biggest ship accident in history and no search returns. Has Titanic sunk even in Google Earth?

Then I decided to find the exact wreckage location by putting latitude and longitude values. Several websites mention longitude and latitude values where the Titanic sank are:

latitude: 41° 46′ North

longitude: 50° 14′ West

The correct form to enter these longitude and latitude coordinates in Google Earth 5 is: 41 46′ N, 57 14′ W

It seems that Earth is of different opinion on where the Titanic sank because in reality you have to move  about 582 km to the right. Only there you will see Titanic remains icon.

There are few photos from the remainings of this great ship and a Youtube footage from Titanic expedition in 2004.

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