Tiberium Alliances Guide

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Playing the game for few month I gathered some tips to improve your rankings and game experience. If you play smart from the start, you can be a top 20-40 player without buying funds.

How to build best base defense?

Your base defense is very important because if you have none or very low level, then someone nearby can kill your base with one attack and you can’t even react. Bases are not permanently destroyed but you need to wait for 24hours before you can attack other players and lose alliance bonus.

If you need your defense build fast and strong, the best way is to use infantry based defense layout. This means buy as many infantry units as you can and alternate 3 different defense properties on each row:

air|vehicles|infantry| air| vehicles|infantry |

vehicles|infantry| air| vehicles| infantry |air

|infantry| air| vehicles| infantry | air| vehicles

You can see example below:

tiberium alliances guide

Tiberium alliances best cheap defense


The main advantage of this layout is that it is very cheap to upgrade (only crystal needed + power), they use only 5-10 defense points. This defense is balanced on every aspect of attack so it is nearly impossible to use detraction techniques and every attacking unit gets hit immediately or very short after he appears in the battle field. This defense works best for traditional armies that have equal amount of all 3 types of units because not all of them are best against your infantry defense and attacker will suffer great damage.

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