Google Shows Monopoly On Hotmail

At first I thought that Hotmail developers were so lazy and didn’t bother to change the description tag on their site but further SEO investigation revealed that in fact Google decided to demean Hotmail a bit. Here’s what you can see on the SERP for the keyword “hotmail”:


From the description you could see that Hotmail is described as:

“Free web-based e-mail. 2MB e-mail storage, signatures, stationery, HTML compatible.”

In fact Hotmail offers 5Gb of storage which is only a few Gb’s lower than Gmail, but still, how many people can fill up even half of that space?

Searching for popularity of Hotmail vs Gmail I was quite surprised, because according to Google Trends, Hotmail is still almost as twice as popular as Gmail.


Hotmail popularity rises even faster than Gmail, so there won’t be one dominant email provider anytime soon.

Coming back to the topic, part of the responsibility for wrong description Hotmail should take itself because in fact there’s no meta tags defined on their home page. However from where then Google took that description only Google knows best.

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