How To Join (merge) .TS Files Together?

This is a simple trick to join 2 or more .ts files into one large file for burning to DVD or other use. The best thing is that you don’t need any program to do the joining of .ts files, eveything is done with a few clicks os a mouse.

At first you must open any text editor (notepad fo exmple) and paste this line:

copy /b *.ts joined_files.ts

Now save the file with a name joiner.bat. Be sure that the end of the file is .bat and not .txt. Select save as type All files if needed.

Now the procedure is simple. Name you .ts files in a way that when sorted by name you get the desired joining sequence. 1.ts 2.ts and so on will do the job.

Place your just created file joiner.bat in the same folder where .ts files are and double click it. The joining process should start and after several seconds you will get one large file called joined_files.ts which contains all the smaller parts.



If you join .ts files recorded from dvb-t tuner and the joined file doesn’t play properly this is probably the error in the file itself and not the joining method. You can try to encode .ts files into different format and then join with other video editing program.

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5 Responses to “How To Join (merge) .TS Files Together?”

  1. Excellent post, this was very useful!

  2. Just what I was looking for. The files I wanted to join started with .ooo so HJ split didn’t seem to help. Joining them with Power Director left a pause in playback. This works great. Thanks

  3. Thanks works like a charm, only I still cant play .ts files in vlc or media player classic, it stutters :( no Aeo Flux in HD for me…

  4. Well done some usefull information.

    If you remove the .ts


    copy /b *. joined_files.ts

    This will join the other files and make it a .ts file.

    IF you have a beyonwiz unit and downloaded all the .ts files they just come in as files (not labeled .ts). It’s a pain to adjust them all the .ts first

    This mode will mod it for you.

  5. Perfect, works great, thx!