Tiberium Alliances Guide

Playing the game for few month I gathered some tips to improve your rankings and game experience. If you play smart from the start, you can be a top 20-40 player without buying funds.

How to build best base defense?

Your base defense is very important because if you have none or very low level, then someone nearby can kill your base with one attack and you can’t even react. Bases are not permanently destroyed but you need to wait for 24hours before you can attack other players and lose alliance bonus.

If you need your defense build fast and strong, the best way is to use infantry based defense layout. This means buy as many infantry units as you can and alternate 3 different defense properties on each row:

air|vehicles|infantry| air| vehicles|infantry |

vehicles|infantry| air| vehicles| infantry |air

|infantry| air| vehicles| infantry | air| vehicles

You can see example below:

tiberium alliances guide

Tiberium alliances best cheap defense


The main advantage of this layout is that it is very cheap to upgrade (only crystal needed + power), they use only 5-10 defense points. This defense is balanced on every aspect of attack so it is nearly impossible to use detraction techniques and every attacking unit gets hit immediately or very short after he appears in the battle field. This defense works best for traditional armies that have equal amount of all 3 types of units because not all of them are best against your infantry defense and attacker will suffer great damage.

Weak points of this defense scheme is that when you encounter enemy with more ant infantry offensive units he can just brute force through your defense.

Apart infantry based defense you can start building traditional defense with many different structures but you have to constantly test your defense asking your alliance members to SIM (simulate) attacks and look for weak spots. Look at the bases you are attacking and take defense layouts from them.

Another very important thing is support structures they can deal great damage to the attacker and even deter him from attacking second time. Build defense structures in every of your base. And calibrate support on your main base in case of possible attack. There are 3 types of support structures and you should have equal amount of them ( for example if you have 6 bases, have 2 Fist Of Kanes, 2 Eye of Kanes and 2 Blade of Canes). Try to have all your bases in one area within 12 squares of you main, this makes yor support structures calibrate automatically in case of attack.

Other suggestion for defense. Never neglect your defense and from the start of the game upgrade it with the left over resources, you will reap the rewards later in war. Put you base, construction yard (CY) and defense facility in the top row of your base, because it is the most important to protect. If you lose defense facility your base will not rebuild defenses for next attack, if you have only scratched command center you cannot launch attacks until repaired.

Base layout

When you have more than 1 base your main base should be only for power because you can’t transfer power. Optimise the layout for you power plants to get the maximum amount of power. Usually if you don’t use funds, you will have surplus of crystals with tibs, but no power to upgrade army or buildings, so power is most important.

Your other bases should be only built for farming credits, so choose best base layouts (7 close tiberium patches) in advance with base scanner tool.

As mentioned in the defense section, place your buildings wisely on the base territory. CY, defense facility and command center at the top.

Look at you base from attackers perpective. If your war factory (NOD) gets destroyed, then you can’t repair vehicles, damaged support structure don’t help on defense and so on.

Try to upgrade buildings evenly, only giving priority to power plants, because you can suffer from low level specific buildings later. For example low level CY repair all buildings slower after attacks.


There is so much offence variables that it is impossible to write about all them so I just give some of my points.

· Try to have balanced army so you can attack all types of defensive structures

· When you attack bases, you should at least damage or destroy defence facility on first strike, because otherwise you have to use brute force (lots of repair time and command POints)

· Analyze your other alliance attacks and see what works for them, try to replicate

· Keep repair times low and equal, because if you build very powerful aircraft for example, you will suffer from high repair time

· If you prefer PvP build 2-4 armies, if you’re more of a PvE type player, then 1 army is enough. Armies are expensive to upgrade and if you have armies in all your bases they will be just mediocre. Having 1 army you can send resources to upgrade it even more.

· Always use combat simulation before attacking, you will save and gain much more. Don’t think that simulation is for weak players, because everybody use it and you can’t predict the battle outcome with your mind.

How to increase your ranking

Just one tip: join the alliance as soon as possible and better choose the stronger one. There are many benefits being an alliance member, you get bonus resources (crystal, power and tiberium), protection and offence boost, can kill stronger bases by cooperating with other players, etc.

Don’t jump alliances if you get invitation from other, people don’t like players who switch and run away for slightly better bonuses.

Don’t be fooled by ranking only, it is easy to associate higher ranking with more powerful player but that isn’t the case. Ranking is a cumulative points for all your upgrades (buildings, defense structures, army) so lower ranking member can have much stronger army than high ranking member if he tends to have more farming bases.

It’s better to upgrade everything evenly to avoid huge level mismatch on your base

Buy and use funds wisely

At some point you need to buy at least 5000 funds because with the standard repair time and CP (commant point) limits you can only play PvE (player versus environment). Even if you are stronger (higher level army) than enemy he can have 10 times more CP and repair time than you and beat your base with more attacks.

If you smell the war coming, better stack some repair time with cp limits capacity and start saving, because when enemy comes you will be a sitting duck without ability to strike back. Also when you get supply packages from beating outposts and camps don’t use them right away. Save at least 20-30 supply packages for Command Points.

Buying funds will help you to maximize the possible potential you can achieve because you don’t have to login at least every 10 hours to use CP.


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