How To Identify Spammers?

Pretty much every site where you have to register using email declares that “we hate spam too”, “we promise not to spam you” and similar promises. But your email inbox is still full of fake cialis offers (I don’t even bothered to search the google what it is used for). So it’s almost impossible to identify which sites are collecting your email or selling to spammers because of course they never use the domain name on where your registered.

But here are the good news for Gmail users. Gmail does pretty good job identifying spam emails but I’m about to tell you 1 trick how to identify spammers. It’s interesting to know which sites are using spam methods or selling your email. For example if you detect that new online shop use your email for spamming then you will know it’s better to keep your money for other e-shop.

So if you’re using Gmail simply use tracking ids when registering (creating a new account). For example you have email and you’re creating new user on e-shop, then simply in email field write this modified email: Notice that you added +BestShoesExample tracking id to your email address. Don’t worry you still be getting your emails even if someone send you a message on this modified address. Gmail simply ignores what is after + sign.

Can you see where is the trick? Let’s clear it out. Imagine you received a spam email about some cialis. Then you should look in “to” field. If there’s
written then you can be sure that site is fake because you only used your modified email once registering your account at and you received spam at this email.

This is how you can identify spammers the smart way.

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