WordPress Login Problems [error 404]

wordpress-login-errorToday after coming back from summer holidays to my dorm room I encountered strange WordPress login problem where I couldn’t login to all my WordPress instalations on Hostgator hosting (404 error after providing valid login credentials). My first thought was that someone hacked the admin directory because there where no styling in login screeen,t just plain “cssless” login forms.

After searching for help on the internet I found nothing helpfull to my problem  so I decided to reinstall WordPress by uploading fresh files from clean WordPress setup folder and suddenly I saw .htaccess file in my wp-admin folder. Took a look and to my surprise I saw these lines:

deny from all
allow from xx.xx.xxx.xxx

A flashback came to my mind and the whole wp login problem dissapeared. These lines mean a WordPress admin folder protection. Nobody can access admin interface except user with the allowed ip. I have forgotten that I installed this security system on my blogs and paid an hour to solve that.

If you came here from Search Engines and haven’t found your problem solution at least implement this little wordpress security hack as it prooved to work considering my experience today.

Just create .htaccess file (or edit it) in your WordPress installation wp-admin folder with these lines of code:

deny from all
allow from xx.xx.xx.xxx

where xx means your IP address. If you want to allow more IPs to enter your admin interface you can add more lines with “allow from..” or use IP broad match like: allow from xx.xx.xx

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