SDXC Card Can Store 2Tb Of Data



CES 2009 exhibition presented a new generation of SD cards – SDXC (eXtended Secure Digital Capacity). Although they at first glance are no different from the normal media, but the maximum capacity can reach up to 2 terabyte (2,048 gigabytes!) Thus, one SDXC card will be enough to store 100 high-resolution HD movies, 60 hours of HD video, or 17,000 standard high-quality photos. Impressive is the data read speed. In future it will reach the 300 Mb / s. At the beginning SDXC cards will be more modest. This year is expected to release 64 GB of storage media, which seek to speed 104 Mb / s.

PDF fact sheet is available at This new generation SDXC card could be very strong competitor to SSDs and HDDs because of its small size, capacity and mobility. Imagine that you can carry whole shelf of DVD movies in your pocket. If the price would be relatively small we could expect to see lifelong human life recording. All your memories could be recorded onto this SDXC card and safely stored for later reference.

Price: undisclosed

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