mIRC: How To Join Multiple Servers At The Same Time

mIRC 6.31
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2-mirc-serversWhile searching for ways to join several mIRC servers at the same time I found the simple answer to that question. If you are using latest version of mIRC (currently 6.35) then simply execute mirc.exe second time and you can join second server and channel. There is non option to join another server from the same instance of mIRC client.

Usually good things aren’t in the same place. If you’re interested in advanced SEO and PPC stuff then you should check 2 channels #cakes and #mafia

mIRC channel

mIRC channel

The first is on IRC server  irc.freenode.net ,join #cakes

The second: irc.krono.net ,join #mafia


Looks like there is a way to connect 2 IRC clients in the same window. Go to File ->  Select Server. Then select second server name you want to connect to and press select. In the new opened window make sure you ticked the New server window option, otherwise you will be disconnected from the primary server. Now hit connect and you’re connected on 2 IRC servers at the same time in the same window.

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