Quickly Retype Code From The Screen (Extract Text from Image)

Are you familiar with the situation when you see the html, php or any other language code on the screen but can’t copy it because it’s an image?

So typing the code down by yourself isn’t the best idea. At first you will waste your time instead of understanding more of the material.

You need some kind of OCR (Optical character recognition) software. Scanner isn’t needed because you already have the picture on your computer.

One way to extract code (or text) from the image is to use Microsoft Office OneNote program. It’s a great tool to keep your notes in one place and it has both the features to make a screenshot with one click and extract text from the image.

So to quickly get code text from the image or player screen:

  • Locate image in the middle on your screen.
  • Switch to OneNote program (Alt+Tab) and press Clip button.

  • Right click on the image screenshot OneNote just created and select Copy Text from Picture option.

  • Then right click again in any white place in the OneNote and select paste.

Take a look at the screenshot above. It’s a comparison between original image taken from video PHP tutorial and how OneNote extracted code from it. OneNote has done pretty good character recognition failing only on special characters and some letters. But you can proof read and fix it faster than rather typing it all letter by letter.

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