Make Website Screenshot Vithout Visiting

Have you got suspicious looking email or saw a link that seems to open a page fool of trojans or other malware? If you want to see how the page in the hyperlink looks like you can get a photo preview.

Go to “thumbalizr” and paste the link in box. You can take a screenshot or whole page from the top to the bottom. Select your choice and press “thumb it” button.

After a few seconds you will get a link to download images of the webpage. You could save it in various resolutions up to 1280 pixels width.

This is another way to visit a page without being noted. You can look at the page from the picture and your IP only would be logged in the thumbalizr site and not in the site you are looking at.



Youtube screenshot being thumbed with thumbalizr. As you can see flash content hovewer cannot be thumbed and possibly  javascript content also.


You can also unmask redirected and forwarded links by tinyurl or other sites by checking links on Linark.

It will tell you the real link location and you can check what’s behind the scene (page).

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