Play MP3 Songs From Youtube With Muziic

(This article is outdated)

Finally there is a solid Youtube MP3 player available to play songs directly from Youtube. As you may know, Youtube is the largest song database in the world.

For example if you search for Beatles, you will get 137,938 results. Quite impressive.

Muziic Youtube MP3 player is very stylish and good looking program. Searching and navigation are very intuitive. If your internet connection is fast, i.e. you usually watch Youtube videos without lagging, Muziic will work perfectly.

Listening music from Muziic player is almost 100% legal. Youtube handles all copyright issues and some artists are paid for every listening from Youtube, so neither Muziic nor you are responsible for copyright issues.

muziic mp3 youtube player

Muziic screenshot above shows how easy is to find songs from Youtube. There are already large community supporting this project and you can select from favorite genres like House, Jazz, etc or just search for a favorite singer.

Muziic basically only plays sound from Youtube clip, but if you prefer to watch video, a small screen is provided on the top near timeline. Saving MP3 is not allowed.

This program is not limited to only playing songs from Youtube but also you can create playlists or upload your tracks and add album covers just by dragging files on the player.

Check it out, maybe some time in the future musiic will replace glorious Winamp player

Download Muziic free here.

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