How To Avoid Key Loggers?

If you’re afraid that some virus or trojan might log your keypresses on the keyboard you can use on screen keyboard to make impossible to track what password combination you are typing.

On screen or virtual keyboard lets you type in important information with your mouse. You select symbols from virtual keyboard on your screen.

Some antiviruses like Kaspersky has its own  on screen keyboard to raise security levels but I bet majority of you didn’t know that Windows has a secret run command to bring up the onscreen keyboard.

Just go to Start -> Run and type in “osk” without quotes. And you instantly get a nice on screen keyboard from the Windows alone.



Use it to input secure data (like usernames and passwords) that is not to be revealed to hackers or snitches. It is also very helpfull to have on-screen-keyboard when your real keyboard is broken or for some reason you can’t use it (maybe you don’t want to make noise pressing the keys).

You could say “how I suppose to open the on screen keyboard if I can’t use real keyboard to type the run command”. The answer is simple. If you typed that command (“osk”) earlier you should be able to see it in the history of all commands. Just select it and press OK.

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