FIX ZEN CART. ERROR! Profile does not exist, loading default Profile instead. (PL_DEFAULT_PROFILE)

If you tried to install this Zen Cart module Printable Price list and experienced this error:

ERROR! Profile does not exist, loading default Profile instead. (PL_DEFAULT_PROFILE)

Read some suggestions experienced by me on how to fix it.

At first this error could be thrown because SQL patch was installed incorectly. Try to at first install this module on your local machine at localhost and see if everything works.

I have 4 different Zen Cart stores set up for testing purpose and here is what I noticed. In 2 Zen Cart sites SQL patch was succesful when all code from pricelist-3.sql was copy-pasted. But these Zen Cart installations were plain and without any other modules. On my main Zen Cart site there is some other modules like Google XML sitemap and other installed so maybe something is interfering there and when I tried to copy paste SQL from pricelist-3.sql, Zen Cart resulted in message: Failed.

Although in readme.txt it is forbidden to use upload feature but this is what worked for me to update database correctly. So if copy pasting SQL from pricelist-3.sql doesn’t help you, try to upload that file and see if this works.

Uploading pricelist-3.sql or copy-pasting code in the window saves you from manually changing/adding table prefixes if your database’s tables for Zen Cart use prefixes like: zc_categories.

Another option for running SQL query not from Zen Cart is to use phpMyAdmin. Navigate to your Zen Cart database and press SQL in the  middle top. Then copy paste SQL code from pricelist-3.sql and hit GO button. You should see succesful message.


sql-code in phpMyAdmin

 If you uploaded all files from includes folder and installed SQL patch correctly you should see new line in the Configuration drop down menu: Printable Price-list; Price-list Profile-1; Price-list Profile-2 and Price-list Profile-3. Here you can adjust many options of the price list for your store.





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