Access Your File Properties Faster

This is a little trick to view file properties faster with only 2 clicks of a mouse (to view file properties normally it takes 3 clicks).

To view file properties for a single file or a group of files you have to:

  1. Select them;
  2. Right click on them;
  3. Select properties;

Hovewer this method is sometimes very time consuming, especially if you have installed many programs which has additional functionality while right click on the file.

To view file properties really quick just place a properties shortcut button in your explorers’ toolbar area.
 To do that:

  1. Right click on the explorer toolbar and select customize;
  2. From the available toolbar buttons select Properties button and add it to Current toolbar buttons;
  3. Click close;

Now you have your own properties shortcut available everytime you have some file(s) selected. Just click on the file and that Properties shortcut and you will have properties window in moments not seconds.

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