How To Count The Distance Between 2 Points On Earth?

distance-between-2-points-on-earthWith today’s globalization the distance is nothing. You can fly around the globe in less than 24 hours. But how long is the distance between your home and your holiday destination in Bahamas? It’s very easy to do with Google Earth 5.

To measure the distance between 2 points on Earth having a longitude and latitude values is very easy. Open your Google Earth and navigate to the first point. Press Add Placemark icon on the upper menu.


When the new placemark window pops up copy longitude and latitude values into this web application at Movable Type Scripts. Go to the second point on your Google Earth program and do the same with placemark to get latitude and longitude values. Now you can get the distance.


Another option is to use Google Earth ruler and calculate distance using this tool. Go to Tools and select Ruler. Now make 2 points on the map and you instantly see the distance between two points in Brooklyn.


If you haven’t got Google Earth installed yet, download it here. This is an amazing application to explore the world from your desk.

These tricks will help you to find the distance between cities, two points, towns, countries like Alaska and Russia and around the Earth.

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