Windows 7 Free Download To Test



Microsoft officially introduced the new operating system Windows 7 a beta version, which should appear this summer. You can download it for free from Microsoft site (here you will also receive the registration code for activating Windows 7), and test your computer.

However you should hurry to download Windows 7 because Microsoft will allow only the first 2.5 million beta testers.  Experts commends the new Microsoft product. Windows 7 works faster and is more reliable than Vista. Windows 7 does not need a powerful computer. It will work even on 3-4 year old machines. The minimum requirements to run Windows 7 are 1GHz processor, 1Gb RAM, 16GB free hard disk space and 128Mb video card.

You can test Windows 7 and get free updates until 1 August. Microsoft plan to release a commercial version this summer. Windows 7 beta version upgrade to the full version of Windows 7 will not be possible.

The installation iso image for Windows 7 DVD takes 2.44 Gb.

Be carefull when installing new operating system because Microsoft does not take any responsibility for the system crash and data loss from the HDD.

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