Fix ALTDvb – BDA:Missing IID_IBDA_DigitalDemodulator



I have some noname USB DVB-T tuner which fails to work with Alt-Dvb program, after some research I found the solution how to fix it.

If you try to run AltDvb program and it crashes with this error: BDA:Missing IID_IBDA_DigitalDemodulator try to fix it by downloading this additional BDA driver: alt-dev_bda2driver. Extract it’s contents and copy and Dev_Bda2Driver.cfg files into AltDVBDevices folder.

Then restart AltDvb and in the select device window choose new BDA driver:

This should let you open Alt-DVB program and use your DVB-T tuner for watching high quality digital TV programs for free.

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Good e-shop where I found my USB DVB-T tuner:

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4 Responses to “Fix ALTDvb – BDA:Missing IID_IBDA_DigitalDemodulator”

  1. Had DibCom MiniPCIe card in my laptop. This driver fixed problem. Thanks a lot!

  2. you saved me, thanks

  3. you saved me. thanks

  4. Thank you :)