Write Posts Offline And Then Publish To Your Blog

If you don’t have internet connection all the time, perhaps you write your posts outside using your notebook, you need Windows Live Writer, which could write posts offline and then publish to your blog without you manually logging and performing other actions. Windows Live Writer can work with the following blog platforms:

  • WordPress;
  • Blogger;
  • TypePad;
  • Sharepoint;
  • Windows Live blog;
  • and some other

So WL Writer is a universal program that can speed up your article writing and save time.


When you install WLW it’s very easy to add a blog. The wizard automatically finds the login path so you don’t need to enter technical information.


Provide your Username and Password information and you’re ready to go.

Windows Live Writer interface is very tidy and intuitive. You can compose your posts in WYSYG (what you see is what you get) and Source (html code) modes. To preview your unfinished article instantly go to preview mode. This preview is better than native WordPress preview because:

  1. It is much faster. You preview post on your computer without loading page from internet;
  2. The preview is over the whole blog home page and not limited to the post itself. This way you can see better the position and matching.


What you can do more with Windows Live Writer besides the ability to write your posts offline:

  • Add images and apply special effects like emboss, sepia, black & white, etc;
  • Insert links and its attributes like title, open in a separate window, ability to select the rel value nofollow.
  • Spell check;
  • Tagging and categories;
  • Video embedding from Youtube or SoapBox;
  • and many more;

If you don’t like Windows Live Writer there are quite many other desktop blogging clients available. Some of them are totally free and some are commercial.

A list of blogging clients from your desktop:

  • Qumana (Windows, Mac) – Free! (doesn’t have connection settings so you won’t be able to login if you use proxy)
  • wBloggar (Windows) – Free!
  • Thingamablog (Windows, Linux) – Free!
  • Blogo (Mac) – Commercial
  • ecto (Mac) – Commercial
  • MarsEdit2 (Mac) – Commercial
  • Blogjet (Windows) – Commercial

In my opinion Windows Live Writer is the best choice for those who want free tool to write posts being offline and then publish only with a few clicks.

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