Microsoft Promises Faster Hotmail

Microsoft is silently annoucing its new forthcoming version of Windows Live Hotmail. More security, more storage space, more speed and more new features.

Some improvements look like a try to even service with Gmail and other email providers. For example it is said in the footnote in gray letters that storage is growing along your with account age but it is not said how much space exactly Hotmail users will get. Meanwhile Gmail is still counting enormous space for you emails. As of today it is more than 7Tb.

Speed is most advertised feature for the new soon to be Hotmail. However who will notice 70% increase in signing-in, opening or viewing emails. This amount of increase would be huge improvement about 10 years ago when internet connection was slugish and there were no broadband connections for the majority of internet users.

Auto completion of email while typing in “to” field is cool but seems like it should be done years ago. Strange that such Ajax features were not implemented sooner.

The most interesting feature for me is the ability to start IM conversation right from the Hotmail page.

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