Why You Should Be Lazy And Go To Your Site Through Google

google-usageThe poll made to measure what are the proportions of Google usage could make you laugh at first. But the seems to be silly answer “When you’re too lazy to type in “.com” ” could become little SEO advantage for your site or blog.

After “being lazy” and coming to my blog from Google typing “izitips” I noticed that the search phrase izitips became suggested keyword.


So the point is to keep accesing your blog or any website by using google search instead of address bar. This both can be faster and add a little SEO because someone accidentally may type something and your web address might show up which is a good possibility to increase traffic for your website or blog.

Amit uses Google to “find movie timings, spell checking, ego surfing, spotting grammatical errors in sentences, currency conversion, getting word meanings, for reading lost websites and for web search”. I can add that you can use Google to make your blog’s name a suggested keyword.

More about suggested words in Google’s Suggest FAQ.

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