Free PR7, PR6, PR4 and PR3 backlinks. But only for a few minutes.

No kidding. You can get PageRank7, PR6, PR4 or PR3 backlinks for absolutely nothing. The problem is that you get free backlink for only short period of time. You should count on luck if Googlebot crawler comes at the right time to see your link on the page.

The page itself is a Web Monitoring service where you can track changes to your website pages. At you can track the changes to any page on the internet without manually checking/refreshing every page you want to track. An email is sent to your inbox when a page content changes.

You will get a link to log page where all changes over the period will be visible in a concise way.

So basically put some links of your blog or other website in to changedetection monitor page submission form and wait until Google sees you website and count a backlink.


Good thing is that all monitored sites in the front page of and all previous pages are without rel=”nofolow” attribute. Hovewer this isn’t true on log pages. If that would be true then you could use another SEO technique of my previous post about indexing any page fast.

It is wise to have some dynamic elements in your site (such as random quotes) that changes on every pageload. This assures that page change alert will be triggered any time monitors it.

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