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A List Of 10.000 Hacked Hotmail Accounts Leaked On The Web

email-list-homail-accountsToday various sources reports of a massive hotmail login information leakage on the web. The number of exposed hotmail accounts rise from 20.000 to even 30.000.

How to know if your hotmail account is hacked? Well there’s no universal technique to know that, but keep in mind that the infamous list contains primarily if not all accounts beginning with letters a and b. So it seems only a part of this list leaked into public.

Accounts and where the first and last usernames in a list.

Having in mind that it was not a hack in Hotmail system but more likely some gathered loginĀ  information via phishing or other web 2.0 applications which ask to enter your email address and password in order to do something (e.g. check who has blocked you in msn messenger and so on).

Another good thing would be to change the password to be on the safe side and not loose your privacy. Also don’t forget to check in Google your full email with quotes: “” as it may show the locations where your email name is exposed and one of them might be that list with hacked Hotmail accounts.

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