Find How Many Visitors A Site Has


Some websites demonstrate their statistics for everyone by putting visible web stat counter on the sidebar or footer while others prefer to hide such information and rather use Google analytics, php scripts or other analog tracking applications.

A good way to measure how many traffic a site has is to use well known Alexa but it doesn’t give the exact number of how many visits a site has daily. Nor does any program will count you that number.

To help in estimating approximate amount of daily website visitors is a free StatBrain tool to track visits. You don’t have to use any code or tracking software, just simply enter the name of the website and wait some time while Statbrain gathers all the information available online (such as Page Rank, Alexa rank, indexed pages, backlinks, etc) and makes prediction of how many visits it gets daily.

The number that Statbrain analysis estimates is page visits. It can also be called visitor sessions which shows the number of visits that a website has. Keep in mind that this number is not the same as unique visitors.

If you own the site and see that Statbrain gives incorrect estimation you are able to write them. Statbrain will make comparison to other sites and adjust the estimation for better predictions in the future.

I noticed that searches at StatBrain are indexed by google so you get 1 free backlink (do Follow !) just by quering your site. Use this opportunity for SEO advantage.

Use Statbrain to evaluate your niche competitors and simply get 1 free backlink. You can use Force Google To Index Any Page technique to get results faster.

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