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Download Youtube Videos With Firefox Add-on

This is by far the easiest way to download any Youtube video I ever seen. It doesn’t require to install any program except firefox Media Converter add-on.

Once installed you will see small icon next to address bar. It is grey when no video is found on the page and turns into blue when download is available.

Blue means you can download video

There are 4 steps to complete the download and conversion process.

  1. Press the blue icon and wait for video conversion wizard to show up. From the drop down list select the format which you prefer the most. The most popular video format is .AVI and every computer should be able to play it. If you want to download youtube video and play it on the iPod or other MP4 player choose 3gp or mp4 format.
  2. Step2. Select audio and video options for the Youtube video, but it’s best to keep them default. So go forward to next step.
  3. Select video properties

    Select video properties

  4. In step 3 you just wait until Media Converter fetches and converts the video.

    Video Conversion

    Video Conversion

  5. Finally download your converter Youtube video to your computer. Then you can burn it on DVD and play with home DVD player on big screen.

This usefull Firefox add-on works not only with Youtube video, but also other video providers like,,  dailymotion, livevideo, metacafe,, veoh.

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