Install MySQL along with Apache and PHP5

Mysql is a free relational database which can work with php and apache on your computer. More than 11 million sites use Mysql as their database.

In this tutorial I’ll show how to download, install and configure Mysql.

  1. Download the latest version of mysql from It is enough to choose Windows Essentials but if you want the full package you can grab Windows ZIP/Setup.EXE package.
  2. Start installation. Choose next-> custom (if you want to change Mysql installation path)
  3. Once the basic installation is over, you are prompted to configure your Mysql.
  4. Press next->detailed configuration ->developer machine -> multifunctional database -> decision support -> leave port number as is and enable strict mode-> standard character set ->
  5. Choose Install as a windows service and you can uncheck Launch the MySQL Server automatically if you plan to do web development occasionaly. Otherwise MySQL will occupy some of your computer’s memory every time you start a computer.
  6. Enter root password or leave it blank. You can also uncheck Modify Security Settings to create password later in MySQL command line.
  7. Press execute and wait until MySQL is configured.

If you selected to run MySQL manually in the configuration options.

To start MySQL service manually:

  1. Go to START
  2. Right click on My Computer
  3. Select Manage
  4. Computer Management window opens. Select services in management tree on the left
  5. Find MySQL service and press Start

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