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timeIf you’re tired of doing the same operations every day with your computer you should create your own automation system that speeds up your working.

A short list of automated things you can do with computer:

  • Startup folder

Put your everyday use programs in the Startup folder (C:\Documents and Settings\[User name]\Start Menu\Programs\Startup). You could also drag program shortcuts while in the start menu. It can be programs like MSN Messenger, Skype, Winamp, Web Browser and so on. But be carefull not to put too many programs to autoload because this will slow down the computer a bit.

  • Roboform – your logins and password manager

Get Roboform – a program that remembers your paswords and login information. You will acess ftp accounts, email, forums logins and all other protected areas of the internet with a click of a mouse. The time saving is enormous with this add-on which can be integrated in IE and Firefox browsers.

  • WordPress plugins for saving time

For bloggers using WordPress there are many plugins that can speed up things. For example, WordPress automatic upgrade plugin can save about half an hour. Usual manual WordPress upgrade takes at least 15 minutes while this plugin enables you to upgrade just in 5 steps and you don’t need to remember any passwords. Another great time saver plugin is Seo Smart Links. It automatically inserts links to your predefined keywords and phrases in articles so you don’t have to care about interlinking anymore. You could both link to your own blog or other websites. One more great plugin is TinyMCE Advanced text editor which adds usefull text formatting features like Advanced hr, Advanced Image, Advanced Link, Context Menu and other.

  • Browsing the internet and saving time

Firefox has a huge list of usefull plugins that can automate your daily browsing routine. For example iMacros add-on can record and replay repetitive tasks thus saving your time. Firebug add-on save time for web developers by enabling them to play with source code.

  • Gathering news into one place

Using RSS reader you can keep up with enormous amount of flowing information without visiting sites and blogs. Almost every site today has RSS feed. Subscribe to your favorite feeds and never miss updates.  Google reader suits perfect.

  • Use search toolbars

Don’t limit yourself to only Google. You can add many other search providers like DealExtreme, Isohunt, Wikipedia, Ebay, etc. By searching from any page you will save several seconds for getting results. When you visit a site and it offers search service you could add a search provider from upper right corner on your browser.



  • Create shortcuts

Create shortcuts on your desktop to your favorite music folders, video files and other. If you use ftp program and have several sites to maintain you can bookmark root folders to your sites and access with 1 mouse click.

  • Learn keyboard-shortcuts

Learn basic keyboard shortcuts like copying (Ctrl+C), cutting (Ctrl+X), pasting (Ctrl+V), undo (Ctrl+Z), select all (Ctrl+A), save (Ctrl+S), change language (Alt+Shift), change active program (Alt+TAB), close program (Alt+F4). These will save some time.

  • More reading about automation can be found here

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