IE8 Shows Distorted Web Page?

If surfing the internet, you suddenly saw distorted page, as if it lack of proper css file, do not panic because it can be your new updated IE8 browser that cannot display pages properly.

Incorrect Display with IE8

Somehow, Microsoft believes that web developers should adapt to the new rules of IE8. In the help section you can read this blatant statement:
While developers are busy updating their websites for Internet Explorer 8, you can click the Compatibility View button to display websites that have not been updated.
Rather arrogant statement, bearing in mind that more and more of internet users switch to Firefox browser.

However, if you decided to stay with IE8 to see the page as in the past via the compatibility view you can enable compatibility view in 2 ways:

1) By clicking compatibility button near address bar compatibility-button
2) Go to tools->compatibility view settings and select compatibility view for all websites
Compatibility Settings

Compatibility Settings

If this tip doesn’t help either, then try this microsoft help wizard to identify why web sites do not display or work correctly. Also remember that the page itself can have mistakes in the code so no compatibility view will help there. In this case switch to another browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari) and see how it displays the page in question.

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