IE8 Final Release

Microsoft will soon release its currently beta version of Internet Explorer 8.


Recently, the company has released a trial of Internet Explorer version 8RC 1. RC means Release Candidate, and that this is the last test the browser before the final release version. If the developers and the browser beta testers won’t find serious errors, this will be the final version.

IE8 Changes

At first glance, Internet Explorer 8 looks very similar to the predecessor IE7. However, it is much improved now.
According to the testers it works much faster, and even reaches the speed of Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Some improvements were made to make IE8 safer to use. Now it has improved protection against phishing scams.

The new IE version will be more flexible with add-ons from Add-on gallery. It will also be possible to select and save a piece of the site and to follow its updates. You can download IE8 RC1 from the Microsoft’s website.

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